Community Woad and Indigo growing for Leek Textile Week


We are excited to announce our involvement in the community of Japanese indigo and woad-growing natural dye plants. As the organisers behind Leek Textile Week, we invite our Staffordshire Moorlands community to join us in growing, harvesting, and dyeing with these plants leading up to and throughout the week of 23-29 September! 

We will provide the woad and indigo seeds for those interested in growing dye plants and cover the participation fee for online workshops. 

Participation only open to those who live in the vicinity of Leek.

By joining this programme, you will be part of a community growing blue sustainably, gaining valuable insights into the growth and chemistry of plants and colour, along with producing your very own dyed fibres and cloth!

The amazing Elisabeth will be hosting the online course, as well as workshops during Leek Textile Week. Elisabeth is a natural dye artist based in Glasgow, Scotland, with a passion for growing and teaching how to dye with indigo and woad. In 2021, she founded “The Indigo Pot,"  a natural dye garden within the Glasgow Botanical Garden, where she runs a sustainable dye programme She initiated her ‘Home Growers’ program in 2021.

Here's what to expect:

April →  Germinate seeds
End of April/May → Repot
June → Plant in ground
July →  online demonstration of how to use fresh leaf indigo and woad, as well as step-by- step instructions
End of August → second online workshop showing how to extract pigment and make a woad vat and dye process.
27-29 September Leek Textile Week →  2 days of in-person workshops delivered by Elisabeth Viguie-Culshaw and Kate Turnbull.

If you are interested in participating in growing woad or indigo. Please contact us by mail for more information with an indication of area/seeds required. 

More details in this link

Ph: courtesy From Seeds to Blue at The Indigo Plot @bettysbeautifullife


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